It’s Raining Cute

Rain makes me grumpy. Now that I had to go to school two days a week at a specific time, I  had more weather to deal with. Most rainy days, I can just rearrange my chores. If we had to stay in the house for any longer length of time, I could probably still conjure up five good dinners from my pantry cupboards and freezer. In fact, when I defrost the freezer, I discover treasures that I completely forgot about every time. Shortages make me nervous, so I always have a backup or two.

The recent rainy mornings required more work to dress the children and I always try to have Steve’s trench coat ready for him with his briefcase before he finishes his breakfast. Sometimes I tuck a treat into his briefcase or a love note in the pocket when he isn’t paying attention. Junior likes to wear his galoshes. They empower him to walk and jump in puddles. His pants still get wet but that’s a bonus for him. Daisy looks totally adorable in her matching hat, coat and umbrella with bright red rain boots. She stays dry and looks completely put together, leaving with a sunny smile on her face because she has her special outfit to wear.

I believe taking Daisy’s lead would answer the question. If I had a cute outfit to wear, I would be happier to hang out in the rain. I mean, why wouldn’t I want to look super cute, even if it was raining? I dressed and put on my plain old black rain coat to the visit the department store. It was definitely a classic and had been worn for many years. When I arrived at the store, I had no idea there would be such a selection to choose from. Knowing that this purchase would have to last a while added some stress to the choice. I did not intend on growing out of this coat. My current outfit didn’t match and I usually grabbed whatever umbrella no one else had picked first. So when I saw how pretty the coats on the racks were, I was drawn to the brighter colors and patterns. Nothing too crazy, just minimally cute to show off my innate weather-lover. As I turned around to check another rack, I saw a woman standing in front of a three way mirror with the cutest coat! In addition, she had added a fresh-looking brimmed rainhat. The color of that coat was all me. I started to hunt through the racks for the same coat, but I could not find it. I pondered whether it would be too forward to ask the woman where she found the coat and then I realized that she was really just trying on boots. Rats! The one coat I liked and probably wasn’t even sold here. At this point, I was desperate to know, so I emboldened myself and approached her about where she bought the coat. To break the ice, I gushed over her boots first, which I totally would not have worn with a coat so cute. I used my standard question to ask about the coat by starting out using a phrase I used on Steve to get information he tried to hide. “Out of curiosity” was out of my mouth before I knew it and after I finished my question, the woman took my hand and walked me out to the main aisle. I was a little frightened that she was going to have me thrown out of the store for bothering her, but we stopped in front of a mannequin on a pedestal. I looked up and saw the coat; I politely thanked the nice lady as she walked away. Right behind the mannequin was a rack with two coats left. I quickly checked and pulled out my size and then stepped back to really look at the coat on display. There was no hat on the head but the boots were super cute also and in a coordinating color.  Coordinating is not my strong suit; I needed those boots too. I approached a salesgirl and she helped me find the boots in my size. I went into the fitting room to try on the outfit.

The lights were very bright and I became less certain of my taste. I prayed for a sign that I was doing the right thing. I walked out in the hallway to walk in the boots and help me decide if this was the right outfit for me. As I returned to the room, I couldn’t remember which one I had left my belongings in and opened a couple of doors before I found the right one. I turned to rehang the coat and jumped back. On the back of the door was a rain hat in the same coordinating color as the boots. This must be my sign! I gingerly took the hat and tried it on. It fit, and the rainy day outfit was complete. An umbrella would actually hide the beauty of this outfit.

I found myself smiling and whistling that day as I drove home, even though it was pouring. I checked the weather carefully that night during the news. When the weatherman predicted showers, I clapped my hands in delight. Steve turned and looked at me strangely. I had to laugh out loud when he asked me in a weird voice, “Out of curiosity, are you looking forward to rain?” Of course, I answered, between chuckles.

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