I’m Cold

My annual cold arrived. My children always bring home a scientist’s supply of germs. It’s my fault really since I insist on kissing and hugging them every chance I have. I struggled through the first few days tossing a sad amount of tissues in the trash while simultaneously wishing someone had invented some contraption I could attach to my nose to blow into from time to time or stuff completely up the nostrils to stop the mucus. I was listless in class and held my head up with my hand. Lucy asked me if I was bored with class so I told her about my cold. It’s amazing how a small determined group of bugs can bring my ability to function to a near stop.

The good news for my family is that I made the food I craved, so they had delicious Chicken Noodle Soup with fresh baked soft rolls. Breakfast was fresh creamy oatmeal with brown sugar and a drizzle of maple syrup. They must have figured I just loved them extra since the meals were so delicious. When I roasted a chicken on a weeknight, even Steve asked me if I was feeling okay. Apparently, he had not noticed that constant bowing and hacking at night. Well, he was sleeping through it. Daisy passed Junior the mashed potatoes and told Steve that Mommy had a cold. It must have been top secret intel because it seemed to surprise Steve. Why is it Daisy knew what was going on but Steve and Junior hadn’t noticed?

After dinner, Steve took the dinner plates from my hands and placed them in the soapy water. Steve tossed the drying towel to Junior as Daisy carried the rest of the dishes from the dining room. Steve gently steered me toward the living room and told me to sit down as he turned on the TV for me. I heard some serious voices talking in the kitchen as I closed my eyes and put my head back to rest. Some giggles and shushed laughter followed while the dishes were washed, dried and put away. Three fairly silent people tiptoed through the living room and went down the hallway to the bedrooms. I heard bath water running and Steve got the kids ready for bed. Two sweet smelling little children came into kiss me goodnight on the cheek and then disappeared back into their bedrooms for story time. By the time Steve returned to the living room, I was stretched out on the sofa with my shoes off. He lifted my legs up and laid them across his legs and rubbed my feet as we watched the TV.

The next morning, breakfast was back to bacon, eggs and toast with a quick coffee. I realized that my cold was finally going away. Before he left, I thanked Steve for taking care of everything the night before. He said that he was sorry that he hadn’t noticed how sick I was and promised to notice in the future.  The excellent meals had contributed to my good feeling. Steve said that he appreciated the trouble I had gone to for the family even though I was sick. At least he thought I had them in mind as I fed my cold. I must be lucky. I hoped my family never put two and two together about the meals. I need to have some secrets.

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