Lucky Me

I have never felt like luck was on my side and could never find a four leaf clover in the yard. At times, my preparation has met opportunity with good results though. My writing takes a lot of work to edit and correct. My cooking results are based on whether I stick to a recipe or a well-used practice. Lucky women have naturally beautiful hair, long eyelashes and legs, pouty lips and bodies that need little foundation. I use all the girly help I can get, have never been model-pretty, and usually strive to look as put together as possible. Not glamorous like Mags; that’s too much upkeep for me at this point.

I did follow my own lucky tradition by creating a warm and hearty Irish Soda Bread for breakfast the other morning. My recipe was handed down to me from my mother; she wasn’t that great a cook, but she baked well. The old recipe card was stained but I didn’t want to make a new one because it was in her handwriting and I loved seeing the even loops and swirls. I got up early and prepared it so everyone would have a lucky piece before leaving for their day of work or school. The kitchen smelled comforting and the children slathered butter on their bread. Steve lingered over his coffee after the kids ran off for the bus stop. It isn’t often that he does that and it was a wonderful surprise to get a few extra minutes with him.

Later in the morning, I lightly toasted a slice for Chloe when she stopped over and she confessed that she had never tried it before. She layered some jam on hers and asked for the recipe. For lunch, I grilled a cheese sandwich using the bread with a slice of ham in it and added a slice of tomato. It brought a new level of love to my basic grilled cheese sammy. The loaf made it through the whole day and made me rethink my thoughts on cooking with luck.

I remember experimenting one time as a young girl by wearing a new pair of play socks to church underneath my dress socks. During the holidays, I had overheard a conversation some older relatives were having about having to wear new clothes they received as gifts to church. My grandpa had to wear a pair of new pajamas underneath his dress suit to Sunday services. I giggled when I heard that and thought I would try it with the socks to get a “lucky” pair. My feet were stuffed into my shoes and my toes were squished. I lost feeling after the first hour and as soon as we returned from church, I freed my sweaty feet. I wore those socks for tests and events that needed extra confidence. I should have paid more attention to see if they worked but eventually grew out of them anyway.

I pulled a blank tabbed card from the back of my recipe box and wrote “Lucky” on the tab and decided to add it to the usual sections of cakes, meats and chicken. Maybe I wasn’t just seeing all the luck in my life already. There’s a lot present every day and I just wasn’t thinking of it that way. A reminder to recognize luck might help me see more of it.

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