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I love to drive.  There is such a feeling of freedom being out and about and it leads me to wander into new neighborhoods as they appear around Monterey Park.  The newest houses seemed to have been built quickly in a community called Oxford and I took some time to drive through the area to check them out on my way to the grocery. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home and couldn’t imagine moving away from my group of girlfriends that live in my neighborhood. The ease of walking across the street or a couple of doors down to visit is so convenient that the house hunting is more a chance to see how others live. Even those kidney-shaped pools can’t persuade me to consider moving yet. But Steve is doing well at work and as he climbs the corporate ladder, I wonder if he will want more from his house. As the children get bigger, it might be nice to have more space. For now, Steve gets along well with the guys in the neighborhood and our closest friends live right across the street. I chuckle to myself how men can bond while staring into the open engine of a car and they seem to share their car knowledge freely. Same with their lawn and golf tips; those seem endless. But they don’t seem as attached to their actual homes as the women who keep them up on a daily basis.

As I drove up Calista Court toward our house, I passed Zettie Louise walking with another neighbor down the block. They were laughing as they leisurely strolled along past the houses, pointing to the little touches each family made to make their house a home. I understood this behavior. Our neighborhood is a part of our home. Besides, where would I be without Mags to keep me straight, or Edie to encourage me to follow my writing dreams, or even Gail to model great mommy behavior? No, for now, I would continue wistfully checking out bigger houses in other neighborhoods just for fun. Friends are special and I will do my best to keep spending these days and nights with my tribe and deepening our friendships.  Time flies and someday it might be me needing a friendly neighbor to walk with.


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