Snowy White Food

The Mother’s Club Bake Sale always sneaks up on me.  Even though I have coordinated the effort previously, I can never keep track of the timing.  This year, the windfall from the sale was going toward improving the school library.  Junior and Daisy are both good readers so we frequent the local public library often but it is always nice to think that there would be more books available in their own school.  I flipped through my recipe box at the sweets and tried to figure out which indulgence would be the least likely to be reproduced by someone else.   Chocolate was always a great choice, but there would be plenty of chocolate choices.  I have a good yellow cake recipe but it is so unspecial a flavor.  Marble is a good choice for those who can’t choose.  My strawberry cake sold pretty quickly one year but little girls like anything pink.  My brownies might be a winner but every brownie looked the same on a table of other sweets.

My answer came in an unusual form.  I could hear Snowball at the door and got up to let the cat wander in for a midday snack.  Snowball is a sweet cat who likes to curl his body in and out and around my legs when I walk through the kitchen.  Snowball jumps on Daisy’s bed and settles in next to her when she doesn’t feel well.  Snowball skitters around after bugs outdoors.  It is so strange to think that Snowball just revolves his life around ours, begging for treats and waiting patiently for someone to let him in and out the door, enjoying his freedom.  Somehow, he always keeps himself clean and snowy white.  Snowy white.  Like my White Cake recipe.  The decision was made.

My White Cake recipe was the best solution since it wasn’t wrong in every way.  I found the card in the box. There were some spots on the card from previous bakes.  I remembered making my first cakes as a new bride.  Not always perfect; there was so much to remember when baking.  I could blame it on the oven in our first apartment, but that wouldn’t account for any recent catastrophes.  Baking should be soothing, so sometimes when I am upset or nervous about something, I bake.  That doesn’t make for the best results because I tend to make mistakes in measurements when my mind is preoccupied.  There was the time I mixed up the sugar and the salt and never realized that putting that much salt in the bowl might not be right.  One time, I didn’t put enough shortening and flour in the baking pans and couldn’t get the layers out.  I invented a new dessert that night when I sandwiched whipped cream and pudding in layers with the pieces of torn cake from the pans.  Everyone liked it but I knew it wasn’t the way it was supposed to be.  Not too long ago, I completely forgot that I put a loaf of banana bread in the oven and it was very brown when I finally smelled hot bananas and saved it from the oven.

I read the flyer that the club sent home for directions for when to drop off items for the sale.  A new mother was in charge this year, and had printed fancy flyers to describe what she wanted to see at the sale.  As I read the page, I noticed that there was no listing for cupcakes this year.  What an outrage.  Selling small batches of cupcakes was tried and true; this young mother would need to learn her lesson.  I pulled out my muffin pan and the ingredients for the cupcakes.  White cupcakes with white icing coming right up.

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