A Lady Always Knows

After I told Edie that we needed to have more time to discuss her thoughts, I asked her if she could join me for lunch at the Crystal Tea Room.  We would have a chance to talk and eat like ladies.

The lunch was tasty and I treated Edie to a drink since I wanted one.  After that, I tried my best to explain that the girls in our group didn’t judge each other and Edie had been a part of the tribe long enough for all of us to respect her and like her.  I knew that Gail and Edie even had a special fondness for each other due to their shared interest in wanting a baby.  Edie had to know that we weren’t being punished in our lives for things we did that others might disapprove of.  In fact, her whole secret writing was very cool.  If I guessed right, she really thought that not getting pregnant was really what she really thought she was being punished with.  Edie seemed to accept what I said and said she would think about telling everyone her secret.

I agreed that Edie needed to decide when the right time would be.  We all need to feel safe with sharing our secrets.  Having my girlfriends meant the world to me; they made me feel as if anything important to me was just as important to them.  After all, you can’t share every little thing with your husband.  That’s what friends are for.  Edie is a sweet person.  She reached her hand across the white linen tablecloth and rested her hand on top of mine.  It was such a generous gesture.  I smiled back at her and thanked my lucky stars to have her as a friend.

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