It’s Always Sunny at Edie’s

 Even though the weather was gloomy, the sunshine seemed to find the inside of Edie’s house. Edie’s living room contained a comfy-looking chaise upholstered in a light yellow fabric.  It looked like a spot where I could do my best homework reading.  I would have to think about updating our furniture sometime soon.  I had not placed enough emphasis on my nesting lately.  With my new interest in school, I was focusing more on completing my assignments and not enough on creating the most comfortable home.  It’s hard to do it all, but Edie seemed to have found a way to manage.  Although Edie had no children yet, keeping up a beautiful home requires an investment of time.  Edie and I sat down for coffee in the living room and I quickly moved to that friendly chaise to see how it felt.  Edie brought out a tray with the coffee and a lovely plate of tiny heart-shaped sugar cookies.  So adorable! I needed to find sometime to bake some cookies for Valentine’s day.

After some small talk, I told Edie about the writing class I was taking and asked her how her writing was going.  Edie got up quickly and returned with a book of her I had not seen yet.  She told me that it was going to be for sale soon and she had been sent an advanced copy. So professional.  I held the book in my hand. The cover was mildly exotic with a drawing of a male soldier with a revolutionary war uniform and a female dressed as what could be described as a servant girl.  They were hugging in an exaggerated pose.  I wondered how much Edie knew so much about history and asked her  about it.  To my delighted surprise, Edie told me that she had majored in art history and had a degree.  She must have read my mind because she told me that she used paintings she had studied to help her make up storylines.  I paused for a moment and looked up at Edie, asking her when she would tell the rest of our group what she did for fun? A worried look covered her face and she became pale.  I tried my best to let her know that she would be a sensation to all of us and we would support her choice.  Edie was afraid of being judged for writing about subjects that we rarely discussed out loud, meaning the physical relationships of her characters.  I told her that just because we didn’t talk about sex out loud didn’t mean we weren’t aware of what it was.  Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many babies among us.  I knew that Edie wanted a baby but hadn’t been able to get pregnant yet.  Edie ask me if I thought her inability to get pregnant might be punishment for her writing.  Oh boy, that’s some guilty thinking.  We would have to continue this conversation.

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