I Heard What You Said

Junior was right.  School is hard.  Well, not really hard, just finding time to read and write on a schedule is difficult.  So far, I’ve been able to find time every afternoon after my housekeeping chores are done to complete the reading assignments in the textbook.  I have even read ahead a little so I have a better idea what Lucy will base her lecture on.  I handed in my first actual writing assignment which Lucy is currently grading.  There must be a great deal of reading on her part as she prepares for class and grades our papers.  The subject was pretty easy; we had to write about an average day.  I am sure that mine was fairly boring since I described a regular housework day, but I tried to describe the after school time with the children and our dinnertime a little more thoroughly. I’m sure that it wouldn’t be chosen to read out loud in front of the class.

I really didn’t know that there was so much to learn about writing.  I kinda thought that writers just wrote.  What I learned so far has changed my journal entries already. If this learning thing keeps up.  I might be able to write something good someday.  The next assignment was to create a short conversation that included dialogue.

I planned to sit in a booth at Miesel’s and listen to the customers’ conversations.  My own conversations with my girlfriends were too personal or too uninteresting to use.  At the very least, I can enjoy an ice cream while eavesdropping.  If it took more than one trip to hear a conversation that was good enough to write about, I would have to sacrifice and make more than one visit.

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