Walk This Way

The furry card party was very elegant.  The addition of a fur to an outfit required everyone to dress a little nicer which always improves behavior.  Mags arrived later than everyone else so that she could appear at the door in her full length mink.  Instead of just walking in the front door, she rang the bell so that someone would have to open the door for her entrance. It was quite a spectacle and just what the party needed, drama.  We started with coffee with cognac and talked for a little while before starting the games. Everyone took off their wraps to play cards.  I wish I had a picture of my living room furniture draped in furs and stoles.  Even better, in between sets as some of the girls ate, they tried on the furs and stoles of others. The mirror in the front hallway was very busy as the different wraps were styled and enjoyed.  Yes, I tried on the mink Why not? I’m a little shorter than Mags, so her coat looked a little long on me but I could always wear high heels with it, should the chance ever come to borrow it.  As we sipped our coffees, the runway walking became more dramatic and everyone enjoyed playing grown-up model.  The onion soup was delicious and gooey with the cheese melted on top.  The fancy ham and cheese sandwiches, known as Croque Monsieur, were very satisfying, even if Chloe was the only person who could pronounce the real name.

At the end of the party, we usually sit around a little slushy from the cocktails.  This time, the coffee had us all wired and Judy Anne remarked that she was going to stay up late to finish up some sewing repairs.  Edie was planning on “catching up on some writing” and no one bothered to ask any follow-up questions because they were busy planning their own caffeinated tasks.  It was a fun card party, but next time I may make decaf after the first round.

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