College is a New Grade

The whole house was quiet.  I was thumbing through the catalog for the community college trying to make up my mind about taking the writing class that Lucy teaches.  There was a lot to consider.  First, I needed to make sure that Steve supported the idea.  I needed to sell it correctly because I was sure that his first question would be if I had time for it.  Some days, time is all I have.  My routine housekeeping chores were planned out enough that I knew what day it was by what I was cleaning.  Second, could I handle it.  It had been a long time since I was in high school and this time there would be no one to carry my books for me.  Third, why was I even taking the class.  What was the purpose?  I knew that I liked reading and I enjoyed keeping my journal.  But, could I really write something that another person would want to read?  I called Mags for an emergency talk and she was at my door in two minutes.

Mags listened to my thoughts and told me that she had a standard answer to these kinds of questions.  Mags told me that if there was no reason not to do it, I should try it.  So simple, so Mags.  I planned on registering for the class.  Tonight I would state my case to Steve using Mags’ method.  The discussion went well and Steve was generally quiet while I made my case.  He didn’t ask too many questions and I let him know that if I found that I couldn’t handle school, I would give up.  But I didn’t think that would happen; in fact, I had no thoughts about giving up.  The following morning, Steve told the children at breakfast that I was going back to school.  They both looked at me and giggled.  Junior asked me what grade I was in.  I really had no answer, so I just said college.  They both opened their eyes wide and looked at me.  Junior slid off his seat and came to stand next to me, putting his arm around my shoulders.  He looked into my face, now just inches from his, and sincerely asked me if I knew how hard school was.  I just smiled and told him that I was looking forward to it.  I guess now I had another reason to do well.  My children were watching.

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