Cherish the Relish

Christmas with my family has always been the highlight of my year.  Daisy loved her new young lady vanity and the giant pink stuffed poodle that stood sentry next to the tree.  When she saw the stuffed dog, she grabbed it around the neck and hugged it closely.  That poodle went everywhere with her for the rest of the day and I was somehow tricked into placing an extra plate next to Daisy’s at dinner for the dog.  Junior got more girders and panels and a microscope.  It came with special powders and glass plates to place specimens on for closer examination.  He was talking about setting up a laboratory in his bedroom.  Steve opened his usual presents of pajamas and ties but I surprised him with a homemade coupon book that he could use throughout the year.  The coupons were for services, like a car wash or a back rub, but I did throw in one “get out of the doghouse free” coupon for when he does something he probably shouldn’t have.  I was lucky enough to get some new slippers among other gifts, and Steve had stashed some hundred dollar bills in them.  This will be my mad money and I gave him an extra big hug while hiding the money from the children.

Christmas dinner was delicious and Mother and Dad Jones joined us.  Dad carved the turkey and Mother Jones even complimented my relish tray.  I was using the beautiful crystal piece she had given me for my last birthday to display the baby pickles and olives.  Junior was able to sneak a few olives out after I placed it on the table and I thought it didn’t look full enough, but Mother Jones liked it, so I relaxed. I made my famous chocolate cake for dessert and the kids were on a good sugar high with that and the ice cream. After dessert, Mother Jones and Dad left for home so that he wouldn’t be driving in the dark too late.

After all the dishes were washed and dried, I joined Steve and the children in the living room.  Steve made me a martini and thanked me for making our day so special.  It’s nice when he appreciates the effort I put into our holidays.  I always start with the idea that we are making memories for the children.  I want them to remember our special occasions as days when our family came together to celebrate.  I was relatively sure that Daisy could not now live without her poodle. How she had done so before this morning is a mystery. As I looked out the picture window, I noticed the first flakes of snow in the light from the street lamp.  I hadn’t really been paying attention to the weather forecast all day, but if it was going to snow heavily, we had plenty of leftovers and a pick poodle to keep us content.



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