The Shape of Us

December always prompts a day of cookie baking.  Sometimes two.  My recipe box has an extensive section of old favorites.  I love to peruse the magazines to find possible new favorites also.  I have recently noted that people are like human cookie cutters.  They are shaped by their choices and can be sweet, savory, multi-layered, fancy, simple or difficult. All would benefit from frosting.

Steve is my peanut butter cookie guy.  He loves them as sandwich cookies, which takes a little extra work, but is impressive. Junior loves his chocolate chips crunchy style so I make them with a little extra butter to spread out.  Daisy loves a cute sugar cookie.  She should be ready this year to decorate some cookies well enough to tell what they actually are.

I have a great collection of cutters and if I host a card party in December, I like to make gingerbread people for everyone to take home.  Cookie platters are really my specialty, so the bread and milkman always get a nice selection.  This year, I really wanted to personalize some for the neighbors but I didn’t know much about French cookies.  I checked my French cookbook but couldn’t even pronounce the names of the cookies listed. Until I got to the truffles.  Strange sounding, but they looked delicious and could be made in different flavors.  Some even had liquor in them.  So adult!

Tomorrow is grocery shopping day.  My list has a few more ingredients than usual because I picked out how many cookies to make.  Friday and Saturday will be good baking days.  My baking Friday will give me alone time with my oven, giving me the chance to make some with the children on Saturday.

These special baking days have become a tradition in the Jones house.  I should probably plan on popping some popcorn this weekend too for the tree decorating.  It’s the one time each year I can get Steve to sew and I always look forward to that!

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