Taking Thanks

Being grateful for the goodness in my life only feels like half the answer to the annual giving of thanks food holiday.  I appreciate Steve and the kids, my own family and friends, but living a good life takes some effort. Steve works hard at being a good employee for his company and he cares about the guys he works with. He doesn’t often talk about them but there have been times when he has discussed a group effort made to help one of them during some short-lived crisis.

I encourage the kids to be good friends with others and play fairly.  My girlfriends can always be counted on to lend a hand and support one another.  I know that even Mother Jones would help me if I needed her.  My mother is a good advice provider when I ask her opinion.

For my own part, I keep up my end of the bargain in housekeeping and child rearing.  I try to be on the lookout for ways to support Steve.  If he asks my thoughts, I provide them willingly. The random tests in life have been easier to handle so far and everyone I know is grateful for peace.  The thought of going through another wartime still scares most of us.  As long as our memories remain intact, being grateful will be easy.

Thankfulness requires two parts – giving and taking.  We stop each year to remind ourselves of how good we have it and we give thanks.  For the rest of the year, everything we do each day takes the best of us to show how grateful we are for life.

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