Home Sweet Maison

It was nice to finally be able to admire the pale pink walls of Chloe’s “salon.” The lightly flowered upholstered couch was set off with glass-topped side tables which made the whole room seem lighter. The drapes were silk and slightly shiny, tied open at the sides to let in the sunlight streaming in the front window.  A large gilded mirror hung above the mantle.  It looked like an antique. A small clock sat next to a vase of perfectly chosen flowers. There were candles of varying sizes in every room. I had spent enough time in the kitchen to enjoy its rustic charm that served as an opposite, but companionable friend, to the formal dining room with its heavier sideboard, hutch and round table.  I have always wanted a round table in my dining room since that’s the way I always envisioned my super-elegant dinner parties of my daydreams.  Everyone could see everyone else and the candlelight would make us all more attractive.  I admit that I was jealous of the table.  Each room led to the next with grace.

I knew the girls would love what Chloe had done.  Chloe created a home that reflected herself; she was just being the best Chloe she could be.  It was both strong and feminine. That simple description was a good one.  I wonder how my home would be described? When I looked over at Chloe, she was looking eagerly at my face.  She certainly didn’t need my approval but I smiled at her.  Chloe would surely host a beautiful party for us.  The menu might be the most interesting part since Chloe’s lack of preconceived notions about what to serve would allow her to choose freely. Chloe asked if she passed inspection for the card players.  I let her know that she did not need to pass our inspection and would be sure to show us all how to entertain her own way.  I was looking forward to it.  We were starting to expand our group to include our new neighbors easily.  Their inclusion was helping us to change too; what could be wrong with that?

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