All American Chic

Chloe wanted to hostess the next card party so that she could return everyone’s hospitality.  Mags keeps the party schedule and called me to ask if I thought Chloe was ready to hostess the group.  I didn’t see any issues and offered to help Chloe if she wanted any help.  Mags called Chloe back and added her as hostess for the next card party.

During out next conversation, I also offered Chloe my assistance.  I still had not seen the inside of her house since the workmen finished their projects.  But I imagined it was very chic.  And I really wanted to see it.  I was a little uncomfortable with my mini-obsession with Chloe. I didn’t feel this way about Mags and I respected her as extremely chic and fashionable.  Perhaps it was the foreignness or the mysterious nature of the French.

I tried to learn something from all of my girlfriends.  Gail was very practical and gave me tips on housekeeping and childcare.  Sarah was an all-American woman interested in bettering her family and life.  Judy Anne, my Southern charmer, taught me about using finesse to an advantage.  Edie, even young Edie, demonstrated an ability to use her ambition and talent in a way that fulfilled her. Too bad no one knew about her secret skill; it was a little like a superhero having a hidden identity.  I could never keep a secret like Edie.  And Mags, of course, my heroine.  It’s not that I wanted to be her, I just thought she was great at being Mags.  Maybe that’s the part I’m missing. I wasn’t really sure who I was anymore.  Life was constantly schooling me and showing me some alternate way of seeing things that I was previously so sure of.  I needed to start figuring me out.

I decided to call Chloe back and invite myself over.  Since it wasn’t just a drop-in, she would have time to prepare.  That way I could really enjoy seeing the way she had updated Mrs. Kravitz’ house and get to know her even better.

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