Leftover Love

The rain had fallen so hard and for so long that Snowball was a sopping mess at the back door.  This morning, Daisy and Junior balked at wearing their galoshes and rain slickers to the bus stop since it hadn’t yet started to rain when they left for school.  Now I was glad that I hadn’t given into their pleas to leave their gear at home.  I towel-dried Snowball and opened a can of tuna for both our lunches.  Before I mixed in the ingredients for tuna salad, I pulled out a couple of spoonfuls for the cat, which he devoured. The house was dark enough to require the lights on in every room and I decided to preheat the oven to do some baking.

Rainy days are great for big bowls of soup or stew but I already had pulled some beef out of the freezer to make chili, so I decided to go with that.  I don’t make it extra spicy so the kids don’t turn up their noses when I serve it.  I wanted to make cornbread to serve with it but thought about making it as muffins to please the children.  Small food is cool to kids.  Muffins look like cupcakes. I was really trying to put a little more thought into the look of my meals.  It wasn’t as if they were picture worthy, but the pictures in recipes always catch my attention first.  I can’t imagine a world where our family meals would be subject to photography.  Both of the children enjoyed the cornbread muffins, especially since I always add a touch of sugar to the batter.

The leftover muffins caught my eye the next morning. It was still dreary outside and I wrapped the muffins up in a tinfoil tent and placed them in the oven on warm.  When everyone arrived at the table for breakfast, I made a small hole in the middle of the warm muffins and inserted some jam.  You would have thought that I invented a new delicious breakfast treat; everyone loved the muffins!  It was so nice to send everyone off with a smile on their face.  Even without the sunshine, our day started well.

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