School Me

Mr. Todd was behind the counter at the book shop.  I wanted to look at a newly published novel.  At the library, I was on the waiting list but it must be very popular because I was eighth.  That means I wouldn’t see the book for four months.  I wanted to check it out in person to see if it was worth waiting for and maybe read a little of it every visit.  I know, I know, crazy idea, but I’m a fast reader and I might finish it in multiple quiet visits.  The front table was stacked with the most recently published novels and the display was enticing.  I found the book in question and after Mr. Todd finished the transaction and opened the door for the shopper, he came over to greet me.  I hadn’t seen Mr. Todd for a couple of months, so we spent a few minutes catching up.  Mr. Todd went on to tell me about Lucy’s new position at the community college.  Lucy was teaching a class in writing and would only be working weekends.  We went on to discuss the popularity of the book I was holding.  I had stopped thinking about my plan to shop-read the book and told Mr. Todd that I was going to purchase it. I didn’t know why that came out of my mouth and even I was surprised when I said it.

It must have been the shock of hearing about Lucy’s writing class.  I had never thought of taking a class.  Could I be a student? In fact, when I finished school the first time and went to work, I was just doing what was expected of me at the time.  Everyone was working in some capacity during the war.  The years had passed without me considering about going to school and I wondered if maybe I was too old.  Or if Steve would think it a crazy idea.  I have my share of those.  I would have to check into this idea a little more.  I might have to talk to Lucy.

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