Another Casserole Please

I could not decide on the theme for the card party scheduled for my house.  Being the hostess is a serious responsibility.  Mags had done a great job with her special party to introduce Chloe to the group.  It was fall, and that usually makes it easy to plan a theme.  Little did I know how helpful Steve would be in considering what to choose.  Steve is not really picky but definitely has his likes and dislikes.  I never serve anything with fruits that he doesn’t recognize and the vegetables need to be off the same list his mother served.  It was a short list, which didn’t really help.  This time of year there were still lots of good end of summer vegetables at the market, so I pulled his mother’s Squash Casserole recipe out of the recipe box to use up the zucchini and squash I had in the icebox.  The corn would be easy to find and serving it off the cob would be a nice change from the summertime.  The great thing about a casserole is the fact that it can be put together earlier in the day and popped into the oven at the last minute.  That left me time to sit and contemplate life.  That’s what I was calling my new journaling time. I prepared the ingredients and placed them all together following the recipe perfectly.  I had made it many times without the corn, but it was a nice addition and Steve always liked it.

My contemplation time was still my own secret and from time to time I read back through my writings and didn’t recognize words that I had written just a couple of months ago. I’m not sure if that is normal, but I didn’t let it bother me.  I could have been sleep-deprived when writing some of those notes.  I realized that I needed to purchase a new composition book for my journaling since I was nearing the end of my current one. That is a lot of writing for me.  Sometimes I would think of a topic that I wanted to write about early in the day and by the time I could find time to actually write it down, it had disappeared or changed completely.  I had heard about real writers getting “writer’s block” but figured that I would never be a real writer because that never happened to me.  I always had a lot of thoughts swirling around in my head ready for the page by the time I actually sat down to write.  Part of the problem was that I didn’t want anyone else to know what I was doing and laugh at me.  I also liked having at least one secret just about myself.  I must remember to stop at the stationary store and look for a new journal.  Maybe one a little thicker next time.  My life was starting to be like a casserole; pieces of it were put together to enjoy later. That thought gave me my theme.  Casseroles.  Everyone liked them, everyone understood them.

After dinner, Steve thanked me for making the casserole.  It is always nice to know that my cooking is appreciated.  Children will eat or not eat based on their short list of things they like.  Adults are supposed to be more open to new foods, eat things because they are good for them or be polite and try a few bites.  Luckily, everyone enjoyed the casserole.  A success in many ways.

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