Baking Duo

Zettie Louise had requested Junior work at her house on Saturday.  I guessed that yardwork might be involved since the leaves had started to fall early this year.  Stevie dressed in a pair of dungarees and older sneakers with his favorite baseball cap firmly planted on his head. A couple of hours after he went to Zettie Louise’s, I left with Daisy to pick up some groceries.  I noticed that the leaves on Zettie Louise’s lawn were untouched.  When I returned from shopping, Steve was working in the garage and helped me carry in the bags.  Steve said that Junior was still at Zettie Louise’s, so Daisy and I went inside to spend some girl-time baking.

The kitchen warmed up quickly, so I cracked the window over the sink to let in some cool air.  Daisy was wearing her new little baker apron and standing on the step stool next to the sink with me.  I planned on making an cinnamon apple cake.  We could have it for dessert tonight and tomorrow.  I wanted to use a recipe borrowed from my aunt.  I remember that she used to serve it at the wake after everyone’s funeral, so it must be a keeper. The cake was light and sweet and didn’t need a frosting because it had a swirl of cinnamon and brown sugar through it.  Daisy could help by practicing her apple slicing. I cut off a small portion of one of the apples for her to use.  I kept a special little knife for her and her skills were getting better every time she practiced. I cleaned and peeled the apples and entertained Daisy by making long curvy peelings.  We were going to save the peelings to put in the backyard to feed the neighborhood squirrels.  I liked this recipe because the apples were actually grated on my box grater and distributed in the batter. When the batter was together, Daisy lovingly scooped the grated apples into the cake.  The house smelled delicious as it baked and Daisy washed the dishes diligently using lots of water.  I want her to be a good cook.

With my recent change of view about cooking, I wanted to try and pass on some better feelings about cooking for a family.  Eventually, Daisy went outside to the garage to “work” with daddy as I started preparing dinner.  I heard some conversation in the garage and went out to check on who was visiting.  Zettie Louise and Junior were holding  a plate of cookies and offering them to Steve and Daisy.  As usual, Zettie Louise surprised me by doing something unusual and enlightening.  When Junior saw me, he proudly turned his plate toward me to show me the cookies he baked with Zettie Louise.  They were golden brown and delicious looking; I tasted one and found it yummy.  As Zettie Louise started to leave, I thanked her for baking with Junior.  She opened my eyes to another possibility that I had not even thought about.  Zettie Louise smiled and thanked me for letting Junior spend the day with her.  She was very comfortable with Junior and he seemed to appreciate her.  Her actions were changing his view of the world too and showing him new possibilities. So many changes for all of us.  Just when I thought I knew my world, it widened a little more.  And it was good.

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